Oh Happy Plants offers a curated collection of the best houseplant care products in the world.

When selecting products we have two priorities: 

  1. Function: they work incredibly well and are easy to use
  2. Ethics: we choose the most eco-friendly options available that actually work, we minimize single-use plastics, and we do our best to source from suppliers who have ethical employment practices.

If you’re looking for a product or solution that you don’t see, mention it! We’re constantly developing new products and would love to meet your needs.


New! DrySoils

Oh Happy Dirt

Oh Happy Plant Bath

“Don’t Mess With Grandma” Foliage-Saving Spray

Habitat Complete Blends

Lambswool Houseplant Dusters

Houseplant Gnat Traps

Soil Inoculants

Hungry Plant system, including Biome Thrive

Tap Happy Soil Flush

Substrates – available in quart sizes; 2 gallon bags coming soon. All of our substrates are available for sale including our Coco Cookies.