What if your plant hobby could be more eco-friendly?

We’ve got the answer.

If you’ve used Oh Happy Dirt, you know that it’s unlike anything else out there. But we get it – shipping soil is a drag! With shipping costs rising and our carbon footprint incredibly important, it was necessary for us to take this next step.

Introducing: DrySoil

Oh Happy Plants’ DrySoils are our same fabulous blends, but without the water. This cuts the weight by up to 70%, depending on the blend. 

To mix them together, just grab a 6-quart container (per gallon of mix) and follow the instructions included in the package.

  • Rehydrate the coco cookies (this part is totally fun to watch)
  • Pour in the packet of seed meals, rock dusts, and mycorrhizal inoculant
  • Add all the ‘fluff’ (rice hulls, pumice, etc)
  • Mix together (we like to use our hands)

Voila! Fresh soil!

Can I store it?

Oh Happy Dirt is great used fresh, but leftover soil can be stored in the same bag it came in. Please be aware that the mycorrhizal inoculant will activate when mixed, so you may see a mycorrhizal ‘bloom’ both in the bag and on the surface of your pots. It looks like white, cottony fluff and is completely harmless to humans and pets, and helpful to your plants!

The fungi may even mature and change color to blue, green, brown, black, even orange and yellow! This is because we use at least 5 species of endo- and ecto-mycorrhizal fungal spores in our blends to ensure your plants have friends they can count on 🙂 

Stored soil may also develop many different smells as the seed meals are digested by your fungal friends. Don’t worry – these soils get even better as they age!


With a last name like Oh Happy, you know I’m a damn hippie.

In the spirit of my parents who made up the name, we at Oh Happy Plants purchase carbon-neutral shipping labels, use compostable packaging, and source our raw materials with as little plastic as possible. Know a way we could improve? Let us know!