Okay, first up, THANK YOU. You’re fabulous and we love you 🙂

How to promote OHP products as a BELOVED affiliate 🙂

This isn’t hard once you understand what’s going on. Here are a few key points:

  • Products can claim N-P-K percentages (and other nutrients) only when registered with the state Ag Dept they’re being sold. Each state has varying regulations and requires an individual registration within that state, so we’ve chosen not to register our products as we get rolling.  
  • Due to this lack of registration, we can’t use these words on labels or while promoting our products: nutrient, fertilizer, mineral, plant food, any mention of specific nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, calcium, etc).
  • For our soils and Habitat Blends: we can say that our products have a host of seed meals, kelp meal, insect poo, volcanic and glacial rock dusts, etc.
  • We also haven’t registered our Grandma spray or Plant Bath with the state pesticide boards. You guessed it – we can’t say anything about fungal/bacterial infection, pests, or anything like that. These products are for “leaf issues,” as well as general cleaning in the case of the plant bath.


For any questions, feel free to reach out to me (Veronica) via social media or email. And again – thank you!


Why don’t we just register our products?

Fees are $25-250 per product, per state (annually), and we want to serve you by carrying products for every plant, so that’s almost $200,000 per year just to be able to tell folks nutrient content of our products. Not exactly feasible for a bootstrapped business started by a single mom who was working full time. You get it 🙂