Oh Happy Dirt is our line of hand-blended potting mixes that are created to suit different plants’ needs.  Not all soils are created equal!

Here’s how we measure up:

  • We practice sustainability: our blends start with coco coir and coco chips, a renewable resource. We do not use non-renewable peat moss.
  • We use compostable bags and labels for our retail products.
  • Due to fluoride concerns, we do not use perlite in any of our blends.
  • Each blend holds a specific amount of water – just run water through it and the soil will retain exactly what your plant needs! Oh Happy Dirt takes the guesswork out of watering.
  • We know that real, whole ingredients are better for all of us – plants included! We use whole ingredients like alfalfa meal, flax seed meal and several kinds of rock dust for a balanced approach to plant care.
  • Most potting soils don’t include rock dust, which is why many older plants have issues as they age.
  • We also include charcoal and humates to encourage a happy soil environment.

Above all, we take the work out of re-potting plants. By choosing Oh Happy Dirt you are giving your plants the highest-quality substrate on the market. Your plants will love you!

New to Oh Happy Dirt:

We now include the lovely benefits of neem in every blend!  To benefit all of our plants, we decided that neem was no longer only to be found in select blends – we’re putting it in everything! 


A batch of special dirt, ready to mix!


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Potting Blends


NEW! Turbo Mix!

Our newest blend, Turbo Mix is our best one yet! We include almost twice as many ingredients and it’s designed to meet the needs of all tropical and subtropical plants. Moisture retention can be adjusted with our Drink Up! or Fluff It! substrate mixes, or you can just adapt your watering to the plant. Veronica has more than half of her plants in Turbo now, from hoyas to monsteras, and they absolutely love it!

Tropical Climber Blend

Tropical Climber Blend

This blend is perfect for most hoyas, monsteras, pothos, and other moisture-loving climbers. It’s a chunky, barky mix that retains water while allowing plenty of air around roots.


Tropical Succulent Blend

This blend is perfect for sansevierias that are native to tropical rainforests. Rich and rocky, it drains freely but holds enough moisture to ensure a sansevieria in a bright window never exhibits signs of wilt.


Desert Succulent Blend

This pumice-heavy blend ensures great drainage for your echeverias, aloes, and other dry-climate succulents.  This blend contains insect chitin, so we advise those with shellfish allergies to avoid this mix.


Grassland Blend

Perfect for dracaenas, ZZ plants, and other native grassland plants, this blend was created to mimic the rich soil of the African savannas.


Rainforest Floor Blend

Aglaonemas, syngoniums, spathiphyllums, and other ground-dwelling plants will love this blend. We mix natural, acidic whole foods with organic matter to create a rich, loamy, well-draining substrate that mimics the forest floor.

Also available:

‘Pray for Us’ Blend

Prayer plants have a reputation for being drama queens, but we decided to fix that. This blend has special moisture-retentive properties, so it holds extra water but keeps it away from the roots until your plant needs it. Also contains a special whole food blend with neem seed meal to keep the drama at bay. 

‘Strings of Things’ Blend

This blend was designed for the unique needs of your strings-of- plants: pearls, dolphins, hearts, turtles, etc. Holds slightly more moisture than our Desert Succulent blend and contains a different whole food mix to better suit these plants’ needs.

‘Heavenly Fluff’ Begonia Blend

Whichever begonia variety you have, it will appreciate this fine-textured, fluffy mix. We created this one specifically to allow begonias plenty of moisture and air around their roots, while keeping their fibrous, delicate root systems in mind. Heavenly Fluff doesn’t have a lot of big chunks, making it perfect for these roots. Also, we add an extra dose of neem meal as part of our whole food blend for this mix.

‘Zombie Maiden’ Blend

Ah, the maidenhair fern. So beautiful, but SO finicky! If you’ve ever tried (and failed) at keeping a maidenhair in perfect, just-from-the-grower condition, try again with Zombie Maiden. We’ve mixed this one specifically to suit the maidenhair fern, complete with whole foods and texture matched to their environment. Unlike other soils, this soil does not dry unevenly and will keep your maidenhair evenly damp, just how they like it. Remember to keep this mix damp at all times! We like to water our maidenhair thoroughly, leaving 1/2″ of water in the saucer for it to drink over several days.


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