Hi! I’m Veronica, owner of OHP. After hearing from hundreds of people a lot like you, I created Oh Happy Plants to bring you truly useful houseplant care information, unlike most of what you’ll find online.

What’s the difference?

I worked in the interiorscape field for 7 years, which meant I had thousands and thousands of houseplants in my care, in hundreds of different indoor environments. This gave me a special awareness of houseplant behavior and the ability to notice plant patterns both across and within species.

When I started really researching for this company, I subscribed to a scientific journal repository. I maintain that subscription today, so if you ask a question in our member community or on our podcast, chances are I’m going directly to peer-reviewed scientific studies to find you an answer.

Many houseplant bloggers and online articles only consult other houseplant blogs for answers, leading to a complete echo chamber with no new information (and no challenge to well-known “facts” that may not be true). I have an issue with non-functional info, so I’m here to get to the root of your plant-y problem and provide answers based on hard science.

Now Oh Happy Plants has a free member community, a free podcast, and a growing line of soils, sprays, and other eco-friendly houseplant care products that are designed to make your houseplant life easy. These products are unlike anything else on the market, and our product line supports all the free info we put out. If you’d like to support our mission to bring you the best houseplant care info available, I’d encourage you to check it out 🙂