Welcome to Oh Happy Plants!

Who are we?

Oh Happy Plants is a company on a mission to take the work out of running a boutique houseplant shop. We provide:

  • Innovative wholesale products
  • Product development services
  • Connections to artisans
  • Free adaptive houseplant care info
  • Business coaching

We serve you with love – and we do it sustainably. For more on our efforts, check this out.

What do we know?

We know that running a plant store is plenty of work. From managing a brick-and-mortar location to payroll and marketing, you’ve got plenty on your plate without even thinking about sourcing unique products. We’re here to help! 

Oh Happy Plants will make your life easier. Here’s what we offer:

Unique house plant products

Oh Happy Plants carries many products that aren’t available anywhere else. From proprietary potting soil blends unlike anything on the market to our flagship product, Oh Happy Plant Bath, we’re bringing innovation to the house plant world. On top of that, we’re offering white-labeling.

What if your store had its own line of specialty soil blends?

Let us work with you to make that a reality.  We offer guidance on marketing language for labeling, and we’re working to provide resources to help with product registration in each state. In the future, we’ll offer this for white-label fertilizers, too! 


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The best house plant care info

There’s a LOT of house plant care information online. Most of it doesn’t offer a comprehensive, adaptive, informed approach to plant care. And frankly, most of it will name ‘overwatering’ as the main cause for concern, completely ignoring fungal and bacterial leaf diseases, broad mite infestations, etc. 

We aim to change that.

The OHP Member Community is totally free, and has:

  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Regular Q&A
  • A plant ID thread with a growing list of tips for each plant

We’re continuously building this knowledge base, and we encourage folks to use the Q&A liberally!


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The OHP Artisan List

We know that sourcing unique products can be a wild goose chase. You could hunt down each artist then get a blank look when you ask about wholesale pricing…

…or we could do that part for you!

We’re constantly on the lookout for handcrafted items for this list. Because we have a business coach on staff, we can help these artisans work out wholesale pricing. Take a look through our list: we’ve got artist info, photos of products, and contact info at the ready. Simply email the artist directly to inquire about products!

Check out the OHP Artisan List!


This service is FREE to both shop and artist, because part of our mission is to help rebuild small businesses in our society. If you’re an artist who’d like to be on this list, please email us – we’d love to have you!