We’ve got a planet to take care of. Here’s how we do it.


At Oh Happy Plants, we know that business can do better – and it starts with each of us.


We do our best to find products that are good for the environment in one or several ways. We look into materials and ingredients. We make recommendations for plants that take the environment into account and steer clear of pesticides. We avoid plastic wherever possible, and we work to source products that will last a long time and are also recyclable, especially if they contain plastic.


We do our best to source our supplies and products from smaller vendors to keep dollars in local community. We know that dollars talk, and ours will tell you that we believe in human rights, ecological sustainability, and building strong communities.


Shipping: We use a 100% carbon neutral shipping provider for our order fulfillment.


Bottles: glass, reusable, with a durable label that’s easy to remove. We are on the hunt for a more green label solution that doesn’t involve plastic. We’re working on bottle holders that will act as propagation stations to further encourage re-use.

Bags: 100% compostable (the labels, too!)

Boxes: 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer content

Paper shred: 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content

Tape: currently we use paper tape with natural rubber adhesive. We are looking into other solutions that are both recyclable, recycled, and non-allergenic.

Spreading the Word

We have a community of houseplant enthusiasts within our membership site, and we will forever be encouraging them to consider the impact of their actions. Additionally, we will be building out a section of the site to encourage volunteer opportunities and donations to benefit the environment.

What can you do?

Take a look at your business and pick a place to start! We don’t expect perfection, and neither should you – that’s a great way to never get started with change. One little tweak at a time is all it takes. Maybe today is the day you look into an alternative shipping provider that’s carbon-neutral (we recommend Sendle). Or maybe it’s time to order new boxes, and you make the choice to go with EcoEnclose for recycled boxes. Are you looking into white-labeling our soil? Check out Elevate Packaging for fully compostable, printable zip-top pouches.

The solutions are out there. It’s up to us to choose them.

Join OHP in making a commitment to the environment today!