Do you love Oh Happy Plants products so much that you recommend them to all of your friends and social media followers?

First, THANK YOU! 

We at OHP want to show you just how much we mean that by creating a way for you to earn some extra cash! Before setting up your affiliate account, be sure to read ALL of the following:

  1. As an OHP Affiliate, you agree to use language as set by our examples on our website and in all promotional material created after 3/9/21. We are specific in our word choice and product presentation due to state regulations. You agree that your compliance to varying state regulations is 100% your responsibility when promoting Oh Happy Plants products. 
    For an easy guide, click here.
  2. By signing up as an OHP Affiliate you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Oh Happy Ventures, LLC, and any agents, employees, or partners, from actions or lack of action regarding any situation that arises due to your promotion of Oh Happy Plants products or subsequent customer use.
  3. As an OHP Affiliate, you understand that we may or may not approve your account within our affiliate program, and you further understand that we reserve the right to cancel your account without notice. (Note: we’re communicative folks, so if you’re promoting something in a way that doesn’t align with our values we’ll do our best to reach out first. We will occasionally look at our program and remove accounts that rarely make sales because we have to manage the administrative burden on our teeny-tiny business.)
  4. As an OHP Affiliate you agree to receive email marketing and affiliate program-specific information electronically. You also consent to Oh Happy Ventures, LLC, storing and using your information indefinitely. (Another note: we’re not jerks – we’ll never sell your info!)

How it works:

Just set up your affiliate account at the link below. Then get familiar with the terms we use to promote our products and post away! You’ll earn 10% of most customer purchases (excluding shipping, tax, and certain sale/promotion items) that come in through your link, and your customer will get an automatic 10% off discount (cannot combine with other offers).  

Initial commission is automatically set at 10% at sign-up. Plant-related social media influencers: negotiable.

More info: we set our cookies to last a long time. That means when a customer clicks on your referral link, our system will recognize them as ‘yours’ for 3 full months, allowing you to earn commission whenever they order. The clock re-sets every time they use your link, too – so the more you post, the more customers you retain! Also, our returning customer rate is consistently 50-60% because folks love our products, and average order value is consistently between $60-90.

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Payouts: we pay our affiliates monthly once they reach a $20 threshold.  If you have $500+ in your affiliate account that you would like access to sooner than our normal payout date, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate requests 🙂

Payouts will be sent via PayPal – please ensure you link your PayPal-associated email address to receive your payments. We do not support any other payment method at this time, unless you want to receive product in trade.




Please note: we do not partner with online coupon sites or browser widgets, as these sites do not drive traffic and instead act in a predatory manner, taking 20% of the income from sales from customers that were already brought in from our own paid ads, informative marketing, etc. Oh Happy Plants reserves the right to refuse affiliate accounts upon application. Further, Oh Happy Plants reserves the right to refuse affiliate payment to online coupon sites, as it is unethical for these sites to prey on small businesses.