Six years ago, I was just like you.

I absolutely LOVED house plants – in fact, I had about 45 of them.  They were alive and growing, but weren’t always happy.


Some were under watered,                                

some were seriously overgrown,

                    and some just refused to live!


Then I got a job caring for interior plants, and all of that changed.


Through 10,000+ hours of trial and error, I learned the exact methods to care for hundreds of varieties of house plants.

I learned the basics, like:

  • correct soil moisture
  • proper feeding
  • pruning techniques

I also learned that there is a secret ‘key’ to caring for each variety of plant.

This is the species-specific information that is often missed by other plant care experts. And this is what makes plant care incredibly easy.

So, what’s the secret?

Every plant species requires different care – and every plant is easy to care for, once you know what it likes. You just need to learn your plant’s secret language!

We know that gorgeous house plants are easy.

It’s our goal to help you grow incredible plants with minimal effort. We want your friends to hail you as “The Plant Whisperer” and start believing that you might know a bit of earth magic. We want your ‘black thumb’ to turn into a beacon of green neon light.


Grow your green thumb


Oh Happy Plants!