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My Amazon Shopping List (mostly grow lights right now)

Y’all ask me for grow light recommendations all the time, so here’s the beginnings of the list of what I use at home. These have all been tested by yours truly and I’ll be releasing videos and written info on light meter and PAR meter readings, too, for all of you who want to see the numbers. I’ve used all of these on ficuses, though, which is good enough information for me. Cranky little b*tches 😀

I also included a few things that help with setup, from clamp lamps to remote outlet switches.

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Have a question, but don’t want to post it in a group full of folks who think overwatering is the only answer to every question? Here – we found your people! This community is full of folks who listen to the Houseplant Coach Podcast, use Oh Happy Plants products, or watch Veronica’s tutorials. Plus, Veronica pops in here to answer questions regularly!


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